Brief and to the point

A concise, objective, evidence based and standardized assessment instrument or test. It takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes to complete. From test data (answers) input, QRS tests are scored with reports printed within 2 minutes.

Test Booklets

QRS tests can be ordered and used in two different systems. 1. On Windows diskettes or USB flash drives (www.bdsltd.com), or 2. Over our Internet testing platform (www.online-testing.com). With both systems (Windows or the Internet) you can test with paper-pencil test booklets and computer score as well as print reports at your convenience.


Truthfulness Scale scores in the "problem risk range" automatically truth-correct all scale scores for accuracy. Truthfulness Scale scores below the problem risk range are accurate and do not have to be truth-corrected. In contrast, Truthfulness Scale scores above the problem risk range (in the sever problem range) are not truth-corrected because they are too distorted (or extreme) due to denial, problem minimization or attempts to "fake good." These extreme scores are invalid (distorted) and their QRS report clearly states "invalid."

Cost Protection

By acting now you lock-in this low $9.95 rate for the entire term of your test usage - even if the price of Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. tests goes up. In other words, you will enjoy absolutely guaranteed ironclad rate protection.

Included Free

  • Sound Basis for Decisions
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Evidence Based Test
  • Impressive Reliability and Validity
  • Strong Accountability of Results
  • Truthfulness Scale for Accuracy
  • Live Chat (Monday-Fridays)
  • Free Support Services
  • Ongoing Reseach - Free


All Behavior Data Systems (BDS) tests (includeing the QRS) research is set forth at www.BDS-Research.com.